Quilt’s Nomination Committee Election Results

On behalf of the Quilt’s Nomination Committee, I would like to present the individuals selected to join The Quilt Executive Committee in 2022. Each being elected to a 2-year term. They are Chip Byers (MORE)net and Derek Masseth (Sun Corridor). Lonnie Leger was re-elected to the office of Treasurer. Ryan Kocsondy was re-elected to the office of Secretary.

The Quilt Executive Committee Members for 2022 will be:

· Steve Corbató, Link Oregon – Chair-Elect (2023)

· Lonnie Leger, LONI – Treasurer (2023)

· Ryan Kocsondy, CEN – Secretary (2023)

· Chip Byers, MOREnet (2023)

· Akbar Kara, LEARN (2022)

· Derek Masseth, Sun Corridor (2023)

· Amy Philipson, PWNGP (2022)

· Joe Sawasky, Merit – Chair of CEO Round Table (through July 2023)

· Pankaj Shah, OARnet – Past Chair (2022)

*The year a particular member’s term will end on the QEC is noted in the parentheses

With an excellent slate of candidates, this year’s election was once again a close one. The Nominations Committee would like to thank all the nominees for the 2022 Executive Committee. I would also like to express our appreciation to our out-going QEC members, Dave Jent and Cas D’Angelo for their leadership, dedication, and on-going service to the community.